Our Available Packages

BitCBoost maintains fair number of different share amounts to keep the lines in consistent movement. We maintain only 2 different amount of packages. Below are the amounts of share with its corresponding amount of commission fee that will get credited to your account balance when your referred member buys that share amount.

Swift Boost Bronze

Share Amount: $5.95 USD = inf
Your Payout: $11.90 USD = 0
Referral Commission: 5.00 %

Elite Boost Silver

Share Amount: $675.90 USD = inf
Your Payout: $1,351.80 USD = 0
Referral Commission: 7.00 %

Next Users to Receive Boosted Amount

Swift Boost Bronze

Username Amount Boost Amount
donald955 $5.95 USD $11.90 USD
mczone1 $5.95 USD $11.90 USD
dreambitz $5.95 USD $11.90 USD

Elite Boost Silver

Username Amount Boost Amount
brent88 $675.90 USD $1,351.80 USD
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How to boost your bitcoin easily in this system?

Our system is designed using a binary concept. Once you buy a share, that share will be included in the line. For every two persons that buy the same amount of share, the very first share in the line will earn double the amount share purchased and will get removed from the line. The earned BTC amount will be transferred directly to the account balance and can be withdrawn anytime.

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Example Scenario

You decided to buy a share of 0.005 BTC. For example that 0.005 line has already 2 purchased shares (Person 1 and Person 2) before you buy, meaning you will be the third to buy from that 0.005 line (you become Person 3). Person 1's share will now get matured since two other people bought the same amount of share as he purchased. Person 1 will be removed from the line with the double amount of share going to his account which is 0.010 BTC. Person 2 will now be in the position of Person 1 and you become in the position of Person 2. Now another 2 persons purchased 0.005 BTC share, so Person 2's share will get matured and will be removed from the line earning double the share amount and you will now be in the position of Person 2 (number 1 in the line). Similar case when two more purchased same amount of share, yours will now get matured earning double and 0.010 BTC will be in your account ready to be withdrawn anytime.

Referral Program - How does this work?

We have an incredible mechanism of referral system to help everyone earn extra BTC everytime a person they referred to join this program buys a share. This will also help our lines move quickly as all the members are inviting potential people that will buy share and maintain the consistent movement of all lines. The extra BTC amount you will earn depends on the amount of share your referred member purchases. Referral link can be found in your Account Page.

Referral Sample Earnings - How much can I earn?

The referral commision will depend on the amount of share your referred members puchase. For example, one of your referral buys 0.020 BTC share, that particular amount has associated commision fee which is 0.00010 BTC. That commission fee will go directly to your account balance. The higher the amount of share your referrals buy, the bigger commision fee you will get. Imagine you have 5 referrals and everday these 5 are purchasing consistenly. Everyone has unlimited potential of earnings.

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